Welcome back, readers!

Low-key-ly blogging about anything. For best viewing experience, 125% zoom in is recommended. Learn more in About Page.

One also blogs on:
Mirror.xyz: https://mirror.xyz/0xa32e05D545FEc9cADb46BEB0839E3Ac0A9E39d9B But prefer to visit about page for the list of posts one have as the main page aren’t properly designed, causing browser to crash.
Read.cash: https://read.cash/r/wabinab where one blog the most.
Medium: https://wabinab.medium.com/ Anything that’s technical blogs here.
Publish0x: https://www.publish0x.com/@wabinab?a=3YaOgYzYax

And if you are close to me privately, welcome to send me a text and one could share you my private blog, more like a diary.

Check it out!

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