Referencing: Roketo v2 API

First, check the “stream creation” part. Let’s explain an error:

  • Remember to make “double backslashes” into “single backslashes”. In near api js, we perhaps don’t need to do that if we use JSON.stringify, though.

That creates the stream.

Then, we could view all with get_account_outgoing_streams. For receiver, that’s get_account_incoming_streams. However, if we want to view the last created ones, we should check get_account and there’s a field for “last created stream”.

If the receiver hasn’t registered the tokens, pause_stream raises an exception. To ensure registration, before streaming, the receiver needs to check by retrieving at whether there’s the token contract exists or not. If not, we redirect them to deposit a minute amount hence registering the token before owner can stream, before receiver can receive. Requires 2 way communication.

If the stream was stopped by owner halfway, then the withdraw doesn’t work.