Life Principles

  1. Never reject a non-damaging friendship from my side, only from the other person’s side. One should not let one’s self-talk oneself out of a relationship; rather, only when the other person configures to quit, shall we talk it over. Narcissistic and blood-sucking relationship excluded.
  2. Only speaks of emotions in conversation, aka speaking to another person; excluding texting, emailing. Best real-life meetups, followed by video calls, and preferably not voice calls. Texting ruins relationship.
  3. Do not look at phone/web even when it has an awkward pause. Instead, use the awkward pause as a motivation to squeeze more content from your brain, trying to come up with something original that could entertain the other person, be it a question for one’s friend, or a statement/story to share with.
  4. Always give several days to think through a problem. One’s hotheadedness tend to make wrong decisions, and there almost is a better solution that comes later in the days, especially consider what we “need” vs “want”.
  5. When a problem arise, always face it asap; aside from the extra time to calm ourselves down to a relative level (so we don’t blame other people but resort to problem solving), solving a problem frees your mind of that problem, gives doses of serotonin/dopamine/etc, and trust each other that in the future problem arise, we’ll be able to solve it.